99 Cent Store Men's Deodorant

99 Cent Store Men's Deodorant


Men’s deodorant is part of the 99 Cent Store Collection. The Slim Jim is part of the 99 Cent Store collection. A student of conceptual artist Fritz Carraldo, and with a more than a nod to Andreas Gursky, Nancy Pearce captures ordinary household products from the 99 Cent Store in bronze, transforming the everyday into the iconic. Pearce compresses the visual information and heightens the tactical by dramatically increasing an object’s weight, enabling viewers to assimilate and consume more than possible with our eyes alone. Modifications such as simultaneously dulling and heightening the object’s details, and the addition of a mirrored surface flatten and enhance the archetypal and the ephemeral forms alike. The spectacle of consumerism, such as a 99 Cent Store plastic poop emoji - appear elegant by utilizing highly polished bronze. The presented object is familiar yet mysterious, like something found in an archaeological dig. By portraying such heightened constructions of our shared existence — from dollar store to kitchen to bathroom — Pearce’s objects act as symbols of contemporary life.

Solid Bronze, 5 x 2 1/2 inches

Signed, Edition of 25

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