Styrofoam tray - Gorbechev Glitch

Styrofoam tray - Gorbechev Glitch

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In the sand casting process, it’s difficult to pour bronze into a form that is thin like this Styrofoam tray. We could double or triple the trays to make it thicker, but then it would lose the effect of a thin throw-away tray.  So glitches happen fairly often.  This one reminded me of the birthmark on Mikhail Gorbachev’s head. I understand a glitch is not for everyone, the OCD’ers among us in particular. I’m also associating Gorbachev with glitch which might conjure up Chernobyl.  Speaking of which, if you haven’t watched the HBO series on Chernobyl you should! Just skip the dogs getting shot scenes.   

However, for those who embrace wabi-sabi as I do, I love to see the imperfections and incompleteness which come from a bronze pour gone awry.  It’s also a great opportunity to Rorschach test your friends. This one also reminds me of Mr. Magoo! Sorry millennials for all the reference you might not know.

I chose to cast Styrofoam as a reminder that we might throw out these cups and trays after one use, but the effect on the environment and our health is as long-lasting as this bronze piece.

8.5 x 6.25 x .75 inches

 Signed. 2018.

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